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Here are bits of useful information on using better. 

How to Mute #Hashtags You Don't Want

It's (relatively) easy to stop getting messages that have a specific #HASHTAG. Perhaps #PROMOTION or #CURRENT-WORK...? 

  1. Go to, 
  2. Click #HASHTAGS
  3. Just below that click MUTED.
  4. Name the #HASHTAG you don't want to see
    1. Start with #, no spaces
  5. Choose this group
  6. Click MUTE

How to Post

To reply to a message, Click Messages, pick the specific message you're replying to, then Reply

To post, Click New Topic.

Please open a new thread when posting, unless you're replying to a previous post. It's harder to find topics if you tack a message onto an unrelated post. 


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